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08/11 2015
Taixin 1 has arrived Hainan preparing for mining debugging

        After 9 days’ trip, the first professional seabed Mining vessel of China has arrived the destination, Wanning City, Hainan Province which is the first mining area in China on August 1st. Taixin 1 has firmly anchored in the South Sea coast ready for exploring the seabed mineral resources.。Taixin 1 arrived mining area         For the honorable day, the ship owner-- Shanghai Chonghe Marine Industry has accumulated six years’

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01/28 2015
The economic performance of China’s ship building industry in January and February, 2015

        In January and February, 2015, subject to the impact of the continuousdecline of the global shipping market, new ship orders received by China have continuedthe weakening trend of last year. The fulfilled volume of ships has reboundedand turned the three-consecutive-year declining trend. All economic indicators developin a steady way.I、Two rises and one decline in China’s three major shipbuilding indicators In January and February, the fulfilled

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01/23 2015
China’s first seabed mining and dressing vessel was successfully launched

          On January 23rd 2015, China’s first seabed mining and dressing vessel, “Taixin-1” was successfully launched at the new dock of Nantong, Jiangsu. As China’s very first ore mining and dressing vessel, it has a total length of 122.2 meters, a molded breadth of 25 meters and a molded depth of 5.2 meters and it was about to head to the coastal area of Baoding, Wanning, Hainan Province for uhligite mining and dressing practice. “Taixin-1”

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