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Construction of wind power plants around the world has already been shifting from land to coastal waters at present. China is rich in offshore wind energy resources as it has a coastline as long as 32 thousand kilometers and an exploitable wind energy resource capability of about 200 million kilowatts in the coastal areas, which is three times of the exploitable wind energy resource reserve on land, thus has a huge space to grow. According to national policy planning, the installed capability of offshore wind farm in China is expected to exceed 30 million kilowatts by 2020. Developing offshore wind power has already become an important development direction of China’s wind power market.

The complicated and ever-changing storm, geological and weather conditions of oceans have greatly increased the difficulty of ocean mining and dressing compared to that on land. Large, whole set, dedicated, environmental and professional ocean mining and dressing equipment has already become the critical bottleneck and technical difficulty when it comes to development of ocean mining.

In order to pick up the pace of offshore wind power construction, Chonghe Heavy Industry launched a self-elevating offshore wind power platform total solution jointly with CNR Ship & Ocean Engineering Development Co., Ltd. Relying on technical and financial innovation, Chonghe Heavy Industry has successfully integrated the four capabilities of “Technology, Finance, Equipment and Maintenance” of the ship design, financial leasing, ship equipment, ocean engineering companies under the group together for the design and development, investment, financing, project management as well as maintenance services of the self-elevating offshore wind power platform.

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