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Antarctic krill ships

With a rich resource reserve and high nutritional value, Antarctic krill is one of the important protein resources around the world. In recent years, China has paid close attention to the acquisition of Antarctic krill resources and successively launched the Antarctic Krill Exploratory Fishing Plan and the 863 Antarctic Krill Ship R&D Project. However, for reasons such as lack of fishing equipment and experiences, we haven’t been greatly involved in exploitation of Antarctic krill resources. Large, professional and whole set of Antarctic krill ships have already become the critical bottleneck that constrains the development of Antarctic krill industry.

Aimed at the market demand for Antarctic krill ships, Chonghe Marine Industry has  turned its attention to Antarctic krill industry since 2008. Hansail Marine & Offshore Design Co., Ltd. under the group and the Fishery Machinery and Instrument Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences jointed forces to design and develop Antarctic krill ship. And through cooperating with overseas equipment manufacturer, design institute with technical experiences in Antarctic krill ships, following the idea of “Technology Import-Digestive Absorption-Proprietary Intellectual Property Right” and guided by the core design philosophy that centers on the technical reliability and economic efficiency of the project, it has got a hold of the core technologies of Antarctic krill ship technical solution including processing equipment, processing technology as well as fishing technique.

Up till now, Chonghe Heavy Industry has already signed a contract with an overseas company specialized in krill ship design and it’s preparing to invest in building of Antarctic krill ship for fishing and processing of Antarctic krills.  

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